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Our Google Partner status and Adwords Certification also means that we are highly skilled and knowledgeable in the field of SEO and Google Adwords Management

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More than just keywords and budget

At Gunslinger, we collaborate with you to determine which type of Paid Search Ad are more likely to get the attention of your audience to ensure your marketing spend is spent wisely.

PAID SEARCH: Optimising your website to rank high in Google and other search engines is an awesome way to bring organic traffic to it (we do that too!), but you can get faster results by getting to that number one spot straight away with Paid Search campaigns. This  places your website at the top or side of normal organic searches, so your target audience sees your business first when they search.

DISPLAY ADS: Often referred to as banner ads though they can take on any size and shape. You’ll find them on most websites as an image with a call to action, but they can also be text based, video and animated ads. At Gunslinger, we design visually creative and compelling ads, and get them in front of your target audience, on the websites that they visit.

REMARKETING ADS: Remarketing is a recent trent in Paid Search Advertising. Remarketing ads follow users around the web if they have already had an interaction with your company. They encourage the user to follow through on an action that they intended to complete. Because the user is already familiar with your company this is a great way to increase conversion through remarketing campaigns.

LOCAL ADS: Local ads are often referred to as “geo-targeting” in the industry, and they serve ads to a specific location. Gunslinger will can set up your paid search campaigns to display only in the areas that will benefit your business the most, whether it’s by suburb, city, post code, or state.

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