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Gunslinger is regarded as being one of the Western Australia’s leading SEO agencies. We are an agency based in West Perth, not far from the heart of Perth city. We work for businesses small and large: ranging from medium-sized and small local businesses, to blue chip companies and government sectors . Our diverse and knowledgeable team has vast experience across a wide range of industries and sectors, and our success rates with Search Engine Optimisation are second to none.

Search Engine Optimisation

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Our ethical approach to Search Engine Optimisation is far from one dimensional. No two client strategies at Gunslinger are the same. But the basis is simple: we use a wide range of data and knowledge to create the best possible user experience for your website. Then we create interesting, newsworthy, sharable content and embark on a targeted online PR campaign to generate great links and online publicity. All of this sits on a bedrock of industry-leading onsite optimisation and thorough numbers-driven research. If necessary, we can also back it up with a brand-focused Social media marketing campaign. We also adhere to Google Webmaster Guidelines so our clients can be rest assured that their results are sustainable, and that every dollar spent is an investment in their business.

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We have an analytical approach to our work. Our objectives and strategies are built upon hard data, so that we are able to create the most efficient, results-orientated campaigns possible. And our clients are consulted every step of the way, with their long-term return on investment always the first and last things on our minds.

Complacency is a dangerous thing in the world of search marketing. Search Engine Optimisation does not sit still, and won’t wait for agencies and practitioners to catch up. Too many agencies get stuck in their ways. Gunslinger is different. A genuine love and interest in search marketing, shared by everyone who works here, has led to a culture of constant learning and knowledge sharing. We think this is the only way we can give our clients’ websites a real edge over their competitors’ websites.

For Gunslinger, communication and transparency are key, something that we take very seriously. We take the mystery out of Search Engine Optimisation through clear, understandable explanations and empower the client through knowledge and reporting.

That is why we have a reputation for excellence and an enviable track record.

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