Design & Development

First impressions count. And more often than not your customers first impression of your business will come from your website. It needs to clearly show visitors who you are and what you do. Having a website that works hard to get you new leads or sales will save you time and money further down the road. Its an investment in your business that will help it grow in the future.

Responsive Web Design

At Gunslinger, we build mobile friendly, responsive websites which adjust to every screen size, aka. Mobile Responsive. In fact we have adopted a “mobile-first” methodology where by Mobile is our first consideration in every project we undertake.

Your customers browsing habits differ from desktop to mobile and tablet devices. They read less, scroll more, and spend less time on each page. Page loading times need to be kept to a minimum and improve the users experience.

How does your website perform on a mobile device? Is it quick to load? Easy to navigate? Does it work on all devices?

If you need to upgrade your website to be mobile responsive contact us.