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Three Islands Whale Shark Dive


Gunslinger were tasked with restoring Three Islands Whale Shark Dive online reputation as well as showcasing that they truly are the premier tour company in Western Australia. With a wealth of tour options in arguably the most beautiful place on earth, there is a sense of duty to tell the world about the experiences Three Islands Whale Shark Dive have to offer.

Three Islands have been proud finalists in the Western Australian Tourism Awards for the last nine years running and medal winners on seven occasions, an achievement we think is worth boasting about: our goal was to esnure that whilst the industry professionals knew the quality of the tours, so too did the public.

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We'll Put You In The Picture

With the use of stunning videos of people swimming with Whake Sharks, leaving a sense of desire and want, Three Islands Whale Shark Dive has been in the position to ask the user to imagine being in the picture: this sense of wanting and desiring to be in the video has been a driver for a great long campaign. A sense of emotion has been a pillar in attracting new and repeating customers to one of lifes most unforgettable experiences.

"We'll Put You In The Picture" has allowed for strong visual campaigns that put the striking backdrops and experiences at the forefront of the message.

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